About Us

Roy RasmussenRoy Rasmussen is a freelance writing consultant who specializes in showcasing his clients’ unique marketing strengths. He draws from his marketing training, technical writing background, and copywriting experience to create readable information products promoting his clients’ expertise. Over the past 20 years his clients have included banks, tax advisors, accountants, insurance companies, real estate agents, power companies, martial artists, sports injury therapists, herbalists, comic book historians, software designers, children’s authors, educators, graphic designers, and publicists. He is experienced in editing and proofreading and is trained in illustration, animation, and video production. He holds degrees in philosophy, theology, and history, and has won an award for his writing on the philosophical implications of quantum physics. College professors have used samples of his writing to illustrate how to make technical subjects readable. Roy teaches courses on how-to writing and copywriting.

Marian HartsoughMarian Hartsough is a publishing consultant who provides independent authors with editorial, book design, and publicity support comparable to major publishers, but distinguished by custom-designed individual attention and customer service. Trained at Harper & Row, over the past 30 years she has provided professional editing and book design services for clients such as Random House, Prima Publishing, McGraw-Hill, Thomson Learning, Addison-Wesley, Course Technology, Michigan University Press, and Bank of America. She supervises a full book production team of writers, editors, illustrators, cover designers, proofreaders, and publicists. She and her team have produced over 500 books. She holds a degree in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. She has extensive training in traditional publicity and Internet marketing and is currently supervising production of a book on TV publicity. Marian lives in Northern California on a farm full of horses, llamas, peacocks, and other assorted critters.