Book Reviews

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to review our book, Publishing for Publicity: How to Promote Your Business with a Book.

Sandi GehringWow! Roy Rasmussen and Marian Hartsough have really hit it out of the ballpark with Publishing for Publicity. As a fellow writer I already “knew” everything I needed to know about How to Promote a Business with a Book . . . but this book very quickly made me check my ego at the door.

Written in an easy, quick-to-read format the book is linear and logical and a terrific asset for anyone who wants to promote themselves or their business. The experience of the authors shines through in chapters that are insightful, very helpful and makes the book a “must read”. The chapter “From the Author to the Printer” is filled with the current and changing publishing technology that will be illustrative for novice writers and experienced authors alike.

I immediately found myself highlighting information and tips in each chapter, and I found juicy tidbits everywhere! Some of my favorites were called Studying your Competitors, Referrals and Endorsements and Digital Information Products. You may not be fully versed in auto responders and eBooks when you pick up a copy of Publishing for Publicity, but by the time you are finished you can hold your own in everything from books as loss leaders to books as profit centers.

I’d suggest you give this book your time and attention, even if you already “know” everything about publishing for publicity.

–Sandra l. Gehring, commercial copywriter,

. . . what a great read, great idea, and great execution! Logical, thorough, and beautifully written . . . You lay out the benefits so well, anyone who ever even imagined writing a book will want to AND believe they can if they follow your plan.

–Marsha Kearns, copywriter and author,

Publishing For Publicity is an essential one-stop resource for any entrepreneur or independent professional in business today! This book outlines not only the exact steps one needs to take to write the book but also follows through with solid marketing instructions and clear insights that make it really easy. My personal favorites were the five groups of qualified prospects that are attracted to working with an author and the 25 mistakes to avoid in summary at the end of the book – brilliant! For anyone who wants to know the why, how-to and exact blueprint to write, publish and use a book to grow a business through publicity, this book is a must-have!”

–Lynn Scheurell, Creative Catalyst,

. . . “reader friendly” with an engaging style and and thoughtful organization and lay-out. You’re good at ancipating questions and concerns the novice might have . . . it may stimulate some ideas of some project of my own!

–Professor Robert D. Stock, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of English, author, Samuel Johnson and Neoclassical Dramatic Theory, The Holy and the Daemonic from Sir Thomas Browne to William Blake and Flutes of Dionysus, editor, Samuel Johnson’s Literary Criticsm