Email Book Marketing: Build Your Mailing List Before You Publish

When you’re busy writing a book, you’re probably not thinking much about building a mailing list; but when it comes time to publish and sell your book, you’ll find you’re much better off if you’ve already got a list of email subscribers. Email marketing is one of the best ways to create pre-publicity buzz for your book, shape your book to fit your audience, promote your book, and sell your book. Here are eight ways email marketing can help your sales and why launching your list before your book comes out makes sense.

Building Your Audience

A mailing list lets you build an audience for your book before you publish it or even before you write it. You can do this by starting a blog to promote articles and videos anticipating topics from your book. Syndicate your blog content using tools like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to connect with people interested in your topic and invite them to visit your blog. When they do visit, make sure you have an opt-in form they can use to sign up for your mailing list. Offering free information as an incentive is a good way to get them to subscribe.

Doing this lets you connect with your readers early, setting the stage for sales later. It also gives you several other huge advantages.

Conducting Market Research

Once you have blog visitors and a mailing list, you can use your list to conduct market research and find out more about who your readers are and what they’re interested in. Blog comments, polls, forum conversations, and email conversations are a few ways to gather market research information from your subscribers.

Use these tools to ask basic market research questions about your readers. What demographic groups do they represent? What problems do they need solved? What benefits do they hope to get from reading about your topic? What do they think of your competitors? What do they like or dislike about what you have to say? What would the like to see in your book?

Promoting Your Book

When your book comes out, you can use your mailing list to promote your book. You can send out advance announcements about your book’s impending publication as well as post-publication announcements.

Developing Joint Venture Promotions

Having your own mailing list makes it easier for you to recruit joint venture partners willing to do cross-promotions where they promote you to their lists in exchange for similar consideration. You can also earn commissions from promoting others’ books and products this way.

Selling Your Book

Your mailing list serves as an effective tool for selling your book. You can use your list to announce early-bird sales, regular sales, and follow-up promotions. You’ll find this works most effectively if you combine your announcement with email marketing tactics like newsletters, discounts, bonuses, and contests.

Generating Repeat Sales

Your list can also serve as a platform for turning your book sales into repeat business. You can sell spin-off products related to your book’s topic, such as information presented in other formats like audios and videos, sequels to your book, or consulting services related to your book. You can also promote other products and services of interest to your list.

Generating Reviews

Asking your mailing list to review your book is one of the best ways to get successful reviews posted on Amazon and other sites, which is a key to successful book promotion. You can encourage reviews by giving away free review copies to key subscribers who are in a good position to promote you, and by offering incentives such as bonuses to other reviewers.

Generating Referrals

Finally, you can ask your list subscribers to refer you to others who would be in the market for your book. An effective way to do this is to offer an incentive for referrals, such as a bonus or coupon.

These are a few reasons to start building your list before you publish your book. If you follow this advice, you’ll find that selling your book comes much easier with much less stress and much more sales when it comes time to publish.